Glendyne natural slate

Glendyne natural slate

Glendyne slate is produced in the town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Canada.

Glendyne slate has a fast growing reputation for quality due to the exceptional slate deposit and the combination of modern extraction technology with traditional fi nishing skills. Produced from deposits laid down in the Ordovician era some 500 million years ago this quarry was fi rst opened by British slate quarrymen in the early part of the 20th century. Roofs with Glendyne slate can still be seen today around the area of the quarries, some 90 years later.

Glendyne slate is a tough natural material and samples are regularly tested to the following national standards:

British Standard
BS EN 12326-1: 2004 Product specification for roofing slate.

  • Exhibited the top Class A1 for water absorption
  • Exhibited the top Class T1 for thermal cycle resistance
  • Exhibited the top Class S1 for sulphur dioxide exposure resistance
  • Good flexural strength both transversely and longitudinally
  • Acceptable non-carbonate carbon content

Glendyne natural slate - Glendyne natural slate
Glendyne natural slate