Cemwood Weatherboard

Cemwood Weatherboard

Cembrit Cemwood is an autoclaved fibre-cement board with a texture on the front face.

The boards can be supplied grey for on-site painting, staining, or pre-coated in any colour required.

Ideal as a replacement for timber or to maximise new build design options. Popular for use on: new-builds, refurbishments, park homes, chalets, pavilions, garden houses or coastal installations.

  • Fire resistant
  • Rot and insect resistant
  • Unaffected by heat or sunlight
  • Does not contain PVC
  • Consistently easy to install - no knots, warps, twists or uneven thickness
  • Extensive choice of finishes

Please note: Colours are for illustrative purposes only, actual colours may vary.


A minimum 10mm clear air gap should be left behind the boards, with 5000mm2 continuous opening at top and bottom of installation. A weather-proof membrane should be installed prior to fixing vertical battens.

Boards are installed like shiplap timber weatherboarding with a 30mm lap. Fixings must be a minimum 20mm from the horizontal board edge and 15mm from board end. Fixings should have the appropriate corrosion resistance for the application and location. Generally galvanised nails or screws should be adequate.

Joints between boards should be staggered on successive courses, with at least 3 intervening planks on the same vertical.

Boards should be fixed to vertical battens with 50mm face and a minimum thickness of 30mm if used with timber studwork or 50mm with blockwork, spaced at maximum 600mm centres.


Length (mm) 3660
Width (mm) 209
Cover width (mm) 179
Thickness (mm) 7.5
m2 per length (installed) 0.655
Mass 10.3kg/m2
Fire resistance  
Fire propogation BS 476: Part 6 1 = 0.7
Surface spread of flame BS 476: Part 7 Class One
Combustibility (ASTM E 136) Non-combustible
Tolerance and properties  
Bending strength Dry ≥ 14N/mm2 Wet ≥ 7N/mm2
Dry density 1.30g/cm3
Modulus of elasticity (average) 8 GPa
Expansion from dry At 105°C to saturated 0.16%
Thermal conductivity L - value 0.24 W/m°K
Thermal resistance R - value 0.031m2 K/W
Cemwood Weatherboard - Traffic White
Traffic White
Cemwood Weatherboard - Light Ivory
Light Ivory
Cemwood Weatherboard - Traffic Black
Traffic Black
Cemwood Weatherboard - Ivory
Cemwood Weatherboard - Green Beige
Green Beige
Cemwood Weatherboard - Blue Grey
Blue Grey
Cemwood Weatherboard - Silk Grey
Silk Grey
Cemwood Weatherboard - Telegrey
Cemwood Weatherboard - Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Cemwood Weatherboard - Reed Green
Reed Green
Cemwood Weatherboard - Cream
Cemwood Weatherboard - Brown
Cemwood Weatherboard - Grey Brown
Grey Brown
Cemwood Weatherboard - Pigeon Blue
Pigeon Blue
Cemwood Weatherboard - Grey Green
Grey Green